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Fun With Hockey Name Verbs

So the chant “You got Kronwalled” apparently made the rounds yesterday during the Ducks-Red Wings game. (I wouldn’t know…I was busy having 16,000 heart attacks at the Blues-Kings Game 6.) But Kronwalled sounds like a pretty legit hockey verb. It’s catchy. It’s to the point. You say someone’s getting Kronwalled, you know that person’s having … Continue reading

So I was really bored at work …

… and started thinking about the individual strategies teams seem to live by. I should be finishing a long over-due post about Mike Richards and Jeff Carter winning the Cup, but I did this instead.   The Anaheim Ducks: When in doubt go watch a Disney film.   The Boston Bruins: When in doubt be crazy.   The Buffalo … Continue reading

Fun with the Meme Generator

My main team is out of the playoffs so now the fans are in full on panic with assigning blame and coming up with crazy ass trade proposals. To deal (and because my health is interfering significantly with my ability to write anything of substance) I decided to use the Meme Generator to make some stupid memes. Hopefully a couple make you laugh.
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Nashville Shook By Ping Pong Gate

Nashville coach Barry Trotz said, “If they want a Ping Pong table in Nashville, we’ll get them one. It’s their toys, we have our toys. We’re OK. It’s not a big deal to us at all.” – USA Today Methinks thou doth protest too much Mr. Trotz. While completely plausible that a man with no … Continue reading

A Day in the Life…

I’m sorry to disappoint, but no, we did not follow one of your favorite NHL stars for one day during the playoffs. I didn’t spend a concussed day on the couch with Jonathan Toews. Nor did I go to close-combat training with the Pens roster. I didn’t even manage a round of golf with Phil … Continue reading

1 Bag of Pucks or 2? Ask NAHB!

In what we hope will be a regular feature here, the women of Not Another Hockey Blog take a sampling of reader questions from our mailbag* and offer our best advice on the most pressing hockey fan problems of the day. Continue reading

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