Former sports hack, current web geek, forever sports fanatic. I had a nasty habit in middle school of beating up boys who taunted me. You can find me on Twitter at @jrosebud, or read non-hockey musings at therebelstate.net.
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Fun With Hockey Name Verbs

So the chant “You got Kronwalled” apparently made the rounds yesterday during the Ducks-Red Wings game. (I wouldn’t know…I was busy having 16,000 heart attacks at the Blues-Kings Game 6.) But Kronwalled sounds like a pretty legit hockey verb. It’s catchy. It’s to the point. You say someone’s getting Kronwalled, you know that person’s having … Continue reading

Because it’s the Cup

There are few trophies in sport that inspire such feelings of awe as the Stanley Cup. Those who play for it and are able to lift it above their heads are a privileged few; those of us laypeople who get to come in contact with it didn’t take that hard road to earn it, but … Continue reading

Pack your bags and see some hockey!

The 2012-2013 NHL schedule came out yesterday, and in my household, it’s akin to Christmas. (Well, the unveiling of the NFL and USC Trojan football schedules are similarly huge events in our house.) My husband and I enjoy sports-related travel, whether it’s to see our favorite teams, or just to cram as many sports events into … Continue reading

Hello, Stanley, nice to meet you

You never forget the first one. It took 45 years for the Kings to win their first-ever Stanley Cup. Some fans waited that long. Some have waited their entire lifetimes. This Cup is for them. It’s for the diehards. It’s for the people who wandered the desert, who endured years of terrible hockey and heartbreak … Continue reading

Waiting for Stanley

“I just wanted to see it here with my own eyes.” It was the lament of the masses who flooded Staples Center on Wednesday. It stood in stark contrast to the revelry of the hours before, when lines snaked around the bars and restaurants around the arena, when the plaza across the street was already … Continue reading

Toeing the line between fangirl and fanatic

Can you be an outward fangirl and still be taken seriously as a fanatic?

It’s a question I’ve wrestled with for a long time, heightened by the debate spawned by the CBC’s controversial “While the Women Watch” partnership. It’s made people talk about the perception of women in sport, women as fans (hey, we’re not all stupid and drooling over men), and reminded many of us who are female fans of sport that the “ogle first, ask about the game later” perception of us is still very much a crutch the media and male sports folks lean on. Continue reading

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