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Welcome to Not Another Hockey Blog

This site is a collaborative effort, spearheaded by Karen M & Becky D, of a global cabal of geeky, snarky, smart women who met & bonded online over their mutual love of the sport of hockey.

We aim to bring you thoughtful & humorous commentary on all things hockey, hopefully, from a new or different perspective.  Our primary focus is on the NHL but we’ll branch out into other leagues from time to time as well.

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About Karen M:

Despite growing up in the Chicago area, Karen first fell in love with hockey during college & grad school in Colorado.  She has fond memories of celebrating the Avs 2001 Stanley Cup win in the streets of Fort Collins.  Well, fond until people started acting like tools and the cops had break thing up.

She moved to a different state and was buried under a mountain of Michel Foucault & Judith Butler and hockey, like sleep and happiness, became a distant memory.  When she moved back to Chicago a few years ago she met brain-twin Becky and the Chicago Blackhawks and that was that.  She’s met some fantastic friends and decided that email chains of 200 messages in a night just wasn’t enough, we needed our own website too!

Proudly sports her Captain Serious sweater at the UC.  Blackhawks have her heart but she loves the sport so she flirts with lots of other teams like Blackhawks-South the Panthers & the Leafs (thanks a lot for that Becks).  Has engaged in some seriously heavy petting with the Flyers (Claude Giroux has sick moves dude, don’t judge me!)

Karen has an MA and is ABD (All-But-Dissertation) on a PHD in Communication, specializing in media rhetoric & cultural studies.  She’s underemployed as an adjunct professor when she can get on the schedule and she spends most of her free time watching hockey games on Center Ice & chatting about them online.  You can follow her on twitter @xkaren

About Becky D:

Becky was born and raised in Chicago by ex-patriot Blackhawks fans. Because of this, she was raised a Wolves fan and got to see actual hockey championships and home games on television for a hometown team she loved. Go figure, right?

As the years progressed (she’s not as old as that makes her sound, she swears), she managed to make her way to the NHL. Not as a player, of course, as a fan. The thought of her as a player is ridiculous. She can hardly skate and ice frightens her (not really). It started with the post lockout era. With Sidney Crosby and Cam Ward. With randomly picking teams in the playoffs and with falling in love with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Then the Chicago Blackhawks. And finally, most recently, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Her favorite hockey memory is getting to see Game Five of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals live and in person. Her brother pushed one of the ceiling panels at the UC up and she took a picture of it. Those panels are not very sturdy (and she was evidently sitting very close to said ceiling). She also remembers a pretty sweet line brawl from a Wolves/Admirals game when she was a kid.

She teaches college English now, and fancies herself a novelist (she even has an agent now and everything!) She also loves things like comic books and nerdy science fiction television and the word onomatopoeia, all of which might eventually find their way into her hockey blogging if she has anything to say about it. One time, when she used to blog back in the day, she did a post on the Staal brothers as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s her definition of high art. You can follow her on Twitter if you like at @wafflebeck


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