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2012-2013 Season

Blackhawks making me lose my damn mind

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After free agent frenzy last summer I took a social media hiatus. (I could say I went outside and frolicked in the summer sun, but we both know that would be a lie.) In the fall, one of my sister’s got married (and other one got engaged!) and the inevitable NHL lockout occurred. Between family stuff, continued up and down health and catching up on TV I missed the previous year while watching hockey, I managed to stay busy and kept hockey and the internet in general as ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as possible (I should really get a therapist to work on my pathological avoidance).

Then the lockout ended. YAY! But as the season started I wasn’t feeling very well and ended up getting some virus that had me in bed for about 2 weeks and even missed watching a few games because the headaches were so bad (Happy 33rd Birthday to me!)

February rolls around and I’m still feeling a bit off (my fibro tends to kick up when other illnesses/injuries occur which makes everything worse). Something happened in a game I was watching (can’t remember what) but I wanted to see what people were saying so I pulled up Old TweetDeck (which I will use until Twitter pries it from my cold dead fingers soon) and I was *completely* overloaded.

I couldn’t keep up with just following tweets on a single account, let alone following/tweeting on multiple accounts AND still managing to watch a hockey game like I had . Combination of attention span/short term memory issues that have been troublesome lately (my cats keep trying to trick me into feeding them 2 dinners, success rate of about 30% the sneaky bastards) also, I think I was just really, really out of practice.

So, I’ve been lurking for bit and retraining my brain to read and watch, as well as catching up on reading blogs and news I missed during my hiatus. I was also watching the Blackhawks. Who kept winning. And winning. And winning. I think for a bit I was convinced that it was some sort of fever dream or something. It’s hard to believe it’s really happening because basically MATH says it shouldn’t be happening.

Over the weekend I started feeling like I was starting to get my twitter groove back and a few conversations I wanted to jump in on but something stopped me. An uneasy twisting in my gut and voice in my head saying:

I haven’t tweeted or blogged and they’ve been on this crazy streak. If I start tweeting & blogging now they might lose.

Yes, apparently I’ve become the crazy dude in the Bud Light commercial who crashes his old apartment to sit in his Sheldon Cooper-esq spot on the couch so his football team will win the Superbowl.

Rationally, I know my online participation in hockey fandom has a less than zero relationship to the Blackhawks point streak. That’s completely and utterly INSANE. But so is this streak.

I wrote this post before the Colorado game and figured I’d hold it until the streak broke. Then I saw this team pull out a win down Hoss, Shaw & Fro on a goddamn Carcillo goal. Fuck it, this team can do anything.


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