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Reflections on the Red Wings- 4 games played. 2013.

Hey Blackhawks fans. Remember when a bunch of people that liked your team would write stuff here? Well too bad, cause I’m in charge now! (But don’t tell the editors I said that, god I don’t want to make her mad!) Yeah your team probably wins the central this year while my beloved Detroit struggles to keep a playoff spot. But we shouldn’t fight! Things could be so much worse. You could be Predator fans. I could be a Blues fan! Can’t we just get along with a mutual hatred for those guys?

Hey I’m John and I usually blog about learning to play hockey at an age must later than most people who learned how to play hockey do. Check out Braving the Beer League sometime, I can be a delightful read! However, tonight I wanted to share some thought about the Red Wings, especially after a big win like this. And I wanted to share them in no particular order.

• The presence of Darren Helm in the lineup has a significant impact on me just as a spectator. I would watch those first few games and see a penalty called against the wings and end up thinking a long spew of profanity. With Helm in the lineup I think, “We have someone back there, we’re good.” The effect that Lidstrom had on the 2-on-1, Helm has on the PK. In my mind at least. The man cannot shoot to save his life, I can’t tell you how many times I saw him get a shorthanded breakaway only to miss the net. But by god can that man skate.

• Two goals from Bertuzzi his first game back? And we still aren’t at 100% for our lineup? Yeah, I’m liking this.

• I saw Cleary get injured there in the first and thought to myself “Whatever I don’t care.” I know that’s cruel but seriously, seems to be more harm than good, what with all the penalties and whatnot. Missing a breakaway didn’t help either. Won’t be surprised to see him not get another contract, lots of guys need resigning next year and I don’t think it’s pessimistic to say not everyone will be coming back. More room for Gustav Nyquist!

• How come no one told me Nyquist went to the University of Maine? I wonder if he played with Jimmy Howard at all. Speaking of which, did Jimmy keep them in it for the first period or what?

• How many rookies is this team going to be made up of by the time the end of the year rolls around? My goodness. It does get a little annoying when the TV camera focuses on someone in the winged wheel and I find myself asking ‘Who the hell is that?’

• After seeing Brunner get that first one I wanted to beg for more forwards to get goals. Detroit depended on the back end a LOT for offense last year; they can’t afford to do that again this year. I was not disappointed.

• So this Datsyuk and Zetterburg duo is pretty good or something. Some teams I argue that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket like that but I feel like Detroit can put together an adequate 2nd line without them. Stack it up!

• Games like this give me the dangerous delusion that I could coach hockey someday. Like for kids or something. What do I tell the troops during intermission? “Take less penalties!”

• Felt bad for lighting up Harding, given the MS and all. I also saw some fight tonight where Chris Neil destroyed B.J. Crombeen. Like, punched repeatedly in the back of the head while Crombeen just kinda held on, destroyed. I may be losing a bit of killer instinct, winning at all costs mentality.

• I really thought Bertuzzi pecked Datsyuk on the cheek after his second goal. Someone please tell me I wasn’t the only one to catch that. If anyone knows where I can find that story that Sarah Casey wrote about Todd Bertuzzi please let me know ASAP! Detroit News doesn’t seem to have it up anymore.

• I remember something about Babcock having a mathematical formula for making the playoffs. Someone said he divided the schedule into ten-game blocks and focuses on winning six of each ten. They said when Detroit wins six of ten they can make the playoffs without sweating anything. With the season cut in half (more or less) like this, you have to believe that the formula is changed to winning three out of five and still being in a good position.

• In this case, the panic that has ensued on the fans part (ok, MY part) isn’t due so much to losing as much as it is the way Detroit has been losing. Blanked by the Blues? Needing a shootout to beat Columbus? We aren’t use to that. But looking just at points and wins, Detroit doesn’t really look that bleak.

• Glad to see Tootoo not fight Konopka. There was no reason for it, Detroit had nothing to gain from it, (I think the score was 5-2 at the time) it would be fighting for the sake of fighting and I feel like Babcock would have had a few fists for him in the dressing room had he decided to throw down.

• Didn’t catch the lead up to Abdelkader’s fight but I wish he’d take off his goddamn fucking helmet when he did fight. Fighting with a visor on is a pet peeve of mind and it KILLS me when a member of my favorite team does it.

• Of the many things I forgot over the course of the lockout, I forgot how they play Don’t Stop Believin’ at the Joe. I get goose bumps when they cut it out and the crowd yells ‘South Detroit!!!’. Went to a game there once, almost cried. Also a cool Joe song- that “All I Do is Win” song. Always a good time.

• The West is stacked this year. Lots of different teams that look like they should make the playoffs probably won’t. Consequently, some teams in the East will go to the big show that wouldn’t even be close if they played in the West. Get on that realignment NHL! We deserve to play the Jets. The East can have Vancouver or San Jose or some other team I don’t want to play that much.

• Better yet- Put Detroit in the East. Playing Montreal and Toronto more often will be a delight.

Thanks Blackhawks fans. By all means feel free to tell me what you think or disagree with me below. Come Sunday, I hate you all. Go wings.

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About J Evans

Currently studying for my Bachelor's in Biology at Virginia Wesleyan College. U.S. Navy vet, hockey adorer. I hope to someday visit every NHL arena, and I've got five knocked out so far!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on the Red Wings- 4 games played. 2013.

  1. Great blog! I just moved to Chicago as a die hard Wings fan and can’t wait for Sunday’s game. I’m hoping we finally have momentum on our side!

    Posted by OzzieGirl | January 25, 2013, 9:49 pm

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