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2012 Playoffs

Waiting for Stanley


“I just wanted to see it here with my own eyes.”

It was the lament of the masses who flooded Staples Center on Wednesday. It stood in stark contrast to the revelry of the hours before, when lines snaked around the bars and restaurants around the arena, when the plaza across the street was already filled with thousands of people four hours before the game even started.

There was an electricity in the air, a hustle and bustle once reserved for the Lakers or movie premieres. But this was hockey. In Los Angeles. A party richly deserved for a loyal fan base that showed up even when the Kings could barely score goals and were getting shut out by the Blue Jackets in January.

But after a few hit posts, and a general sense of “why does this team look sloppy in its own end?”, the masses were turned away.

One fan wrapped slammed his rally towel violently into the empty seat in front of him, then began talking to other fans around him. “The sweep is the hardest thing to accomplish,” he said.

Another fan turned in his seat to say, “We’re Kings fans. Nothing comes easy, right?”

Nope, even if this ridiculous run made some people believe it really could be that easy.

If the Kings win the Cup in New Jersey, these fans will still be happy. They’ll flood the plaza and dance in the streets and Dustin Brown will know what the sound of 45 years of released frustration sounds like.

But you can’t help but think, especially for those who have waited an entire lifetime for this moment, how much sweeter it would have been had they seen it here with their own eyes.


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Former sports hack, current web geek, forever sports fanatic. I had a nasty habit in middle school of beating up boys who taunted me. You can find me on Twitter at @jrosebud, or read non-hockey musings at therebelstate.net.


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