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brief musings on this week

It’s been a little crazy lately for our merry band of writers (graduations, moving, international travel, family members hospitalized, ongoing health problems, etc.) so we’ve been just a wee bit distracted from writing as of late. Hoping things will calm down soon for everyone and we’re very excited to have my friend and long-suffering Kings fan Jenn joining us as a blogger as well! 🙂

That said, I did want to offer a few quick comments on hockey happenings this week:

1. I wrote a little bit about CBC’s terrible While the Men Watch partnership last week and Julie Veilleux (@MetricJulie) on Puck Daddy did a great content analysis of their website but the best response was Ellen Etchingham (@theory_of_ice) of Backhand Shelf’s post on Thursday, “Women Who Watch”. Brilliant.

2. Friend of the blog @Will_Crist started a great new blog this week Fehr Thee Well. It’s “An attempt to understand all things CBA related in the NHL” and will be a great resource for news & analysis related to the CBA negotiations in the coming months. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because you read in Elliotte Friedman’s “30 Thoughts” this week. Will corrected an error in Friedman’s math calculations re. next year’s salary cap. Talk about establishing yourself! (Follow the blog on twitter @fehrtheewell)

3. Speaking of “30 Thoughts”… on May 15th Friedman’s “Patrick Kane and 30 Thoughts” post was published and subsequently vanished without a trace. To date no explanation has been offered as to why the post was pulled. In today’s post though, #30 reads: “Apologies for the two-week hiatus. Had to think through a few things. The blog returns on a weekly basis through free agency.” Sounds like there is a very interesting story here, hopefully someday we’ll get to hear it.

4. James Mirtle has a nice piece on Nail Yakupov at the 2012 NHL draft combine.

On the issue of Russian prospects being stereotyped:
“You know, every player has his [own] way,” said Yakupov, an ethnic Tatar from the Tatarstan region in Russia. “I’m Muslim, I’m not Russian. If you [ask] what happens with the Russian factor, it’s [Zherdev’s] life and I have my life.”

Which prompted these hilarious tweets:

5. Another must read: Jesse Spector spoke with Los Angeles Kings defenseman Willie Mitchell about brain injuries. Mitchell covers the rhetorical significance of naming (‘bell rung’ vs. ‘concussions’ vs. ‘brain injuries’) and goes into great detail about dealing with symptoms & treatment options. I know from experience how incredibly difficult it is to find words to adequately describe debilitating pain, fatigue & cognitive impairments but Mitchell does an excellent job here. I hope he continues to speak about this and I hope other players do the same.

6. Watching Doug Weight on NHL Network during their SCF coverage is an absolute treat. As an analyst he’s smart, articulate, charismatic and refreshingly honest. I’d give anything to have him on my television regularly.

6. The Colorado Avalanche were my first hockey team (went to college/grad school in Colorado in the early 2000’s and first got into the game there) and today I’m all Blackhawks so the Red Wings have always been my ‘natural enemies’ but damn if I didn’t cry watching the Lidstrom retirement presser. Amazing player and person.

7. I am legitimately concerned about Tim Thomas’ mental health



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