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“Hockey is Mainstream at Last!”: A Social Media Project

The excellent site Awful Announcing just posted an analysis of an interview with ESPN’s Senior VP Vince Doria about NHL coverage on  ESPN, or more specifically, the lack of coverage.  Doria’s claim that, “where [hockey] really doesn’t transfer much to is a national discussion, which is something that typifies what we do” drew the ire of a number of hockey fans on twitter today.

Alex (@QueenCrash and creator of Pucks & Pixels a hockey graphic design site) and Chris (@chrissampang), two of my favorite people on twitter, decided that claim couldn’t be allowed to stand unchallenged and have devised a very cool research project that they could use your help with:

According to ESPN Senior Vice President Vince Doria, hockey “doesn’t transfer to a national discussion” in the United States, thus why it refuses to actively give it the same coverage as other major sports. Chris, a San Jose Sharks fan, and I are determined to prove ESPN wrong, but we’re going to need some help. 

Our plan is to take one of Chris’s favorite pastimes, tracking hockey-related trends on Twitter (“Hockey is mainstream at last!”) and expand it. For exactly one year we will track Twitter trends internationally, nationally and in six major cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Miami and New York. Every day we will take note of each sports-related trend and categorize them by sport. We will check the trending topics four to five times a day, making sure to not miss any pertinent ones.

This is definitely not a job for just two people, however. Chris and I would really appreciate some help. If you’d like to volunteer your services to help us track the daily trends, drop me an email at arae269@gmail.com. Your job will be to log sports-related trends on a daily basis and email them to me so that Chris and I can cross-examine all results for the day and put them onto one log.

At the end of our year-long experiment, we’ll publicize our findings for everyone to see and maybe email them to ESPN. Who knows, maybe the organization that paid Sarah Phillips will finally see the light and give hockey the coverage it so greatly deserves. If you are interested, please email me right away, as we will be beginning our experiment as soon as possible. Thank you!

You can read more about this project here. Consider lending them a hand and/or help spread the word to other fans 🙂


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2 thoughts on ““Hockey is Mainstream at Last!”: A Social Media Project

  1. Oh I so hope this works 🙂 best of luck!

    Posted by PoorCollegeGuy | May 3, 2012, 6:25 pm


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