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So, uh, how was your morning?

The tweet that shook the world. Well mine anyway because I'm kinda lame.

If you’re reading this post you probably already know the story, or you’re family (hi guys!)

John and I ‘met’ on twitter as he’s a fellow Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast junkie. When we got Not Another Hockey Blog blog up and running he was one of our first readers, commenters and twitter followers.

I knew he was bidding on the services of @FelixPotvin & @twolinepass for their charity blogging auction to blog on behalf of the Red Wings but I had NO idea he was going to offer them as guest bloggers for our start up blog.

The ladies here are Hawks fans but, eh, so what? [ETA: Lily L wanted to clarify that not everyone is Hawks fan above all else like me. She’s Pens (and I root Flyers, but it’s all good).] We have a sense of humor & enjoy a good trolling.

We can *never* thank John enough and we hope you’ll check out the blog beyond our guests’ posts.

You can follow the blog on twitter at @NotAnotherHB and you can follow me if you want at @xkaren08.


About Karen M

Recovering academic/pop culture junkie/crazed hockey fan.


2 thoughts on “So, uh, how was your morning?

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